DMSO, cell culture grade

DMSO for Cell Culture


DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide), cell culture grade, is a sterile and endotoxin-free polar solvent, ideal for the cryopreservation of cells, tissues and organs.


Quantity: 5x 10ml
Appearance: Transparent liquid.
Storage: Room Temperature. DMSO will congeal easily and may remain a solid at cool temperatures. Heat up slightly to return to liquid state.


  • Purity: min 99.5%
  • Free Acid: max: 0.001%
  • Non-volatile matter: max: 0.001%
  • Water content (K.F.): max: 0.1%
  • P (total): max: 0.00001%
  • Si (total): max: 0.00002%
  • Density (d20º/4º): 1.100g/cm3
  • MP: 18ºC
  • BP: 189ºC
  • Endotoxin tested
  • RNase-Free, DNase-free, Protease-free, Phosphatase-free

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    GTC22.0510 DMSO Cell Culture Grade 5x 10mL