SpectraDye Secondary Antibodies

Fluorescently labeled secondary antibodies



HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies for immunoblotting applications

Advansta’s high-quality HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies offer unparalleled sensitivity and performance for immunoblotting and ELISA applications. These secondary HRP conjugated antibodies are optimized with Advansta’s protein detection systems including WesternBright ECL, WesternBright Quantum, WesternBright Sirius and ElisaBright.

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250 ul


Fluorescently labeled secondary antibodies

  • Fluorescent detection –secondary antibodies with a range of fluorescent conjugates
  • Performance – strong signal and no cross-reactivity
  • Convenience – each antibody demonstrated to provide optimal results with Advansta’s Western blotting systems
  • Flexibility – choose from visible or near IR fluorescent dyes and target species best suited to your application (see product listings)

2nd AB excitation emission chart


SpectraDye Secondary Antibodies

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Reference Description Quantity
R-05055-250 Goat- anti mouse – IR700 250ul