Xpert qDetect P-FMV

For the detection of a specific DNA sequence form the promotor from FigWort Mosaic Virus (P-FMV), present in food or feed samples, with a detection limit of 0.1% in 100ng of GMO DNA


Since 1994, over 100 genetically modified plants have received approval for use as food or animal feedstuff.  In most countries, usage of GMOs is highly regulated. For the enforcement of national legislation, efficient detection of genetically modified organisms in food and feed products is essential. Taking into account the large diversity, an initial generic screening for the presence of the most common GM material is usually the first step in GMO analysis, in order to reduce the amount of subsequent identification analysis. As the promotor 35S from cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) and the terminator NOS from Agrobacterium tumefaciens are the most frequent elements present in transgenic material found in food and feed, detection of these regulatory sequences by PCR/qPCR amplification is the most logical choice. However, since these do not cover some important GMOs such as MON89788 Soy, H7-1 sugar beet or GT73 oilseed rape, the detection (or demonstrating the absence) of the promotor from FigWort Mosaic Virus (FMV) by PCR/qPCR, is also very important.

 The Xpert qDetect P-FMV is a kit that allows for the detection by qPCR of DNA sequences from the promotor of FMV present in total DNA previously purified from food or feed samples. This kit is compatible with instruments equipped with FAM and ROX channels. The detection limit is 10-100 pg of P-FMV DNA, allowing the detection of as little as 0.01-0.1% of target DNA in food samples if 100ng of total DNA (mixed species) is used



GDK22.0100 Xpert qDetect P-FMV

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