Catalogue 2016
  • GRS Agarose LE

    A standard agarose suitable for all analytical and preparative electrophoresis of nucleic acids in routine gel electrophoresis.

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  • GRS cDNA Synthesis MasterMix

    Convenient mastermix supplied with separated oligo(dT) and random hexaprimers

    • ✔ High Sensitivity
    • ✔ High Yield
    • ✔ Full Length Transcripts
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  • GRS Protein Markers

    Ready-to-use protein markers for monotoring protein separation during SDS-PAGE, verification of Western Blotting efficiency, and size determination

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  • Accutase®

    Accutase® is a ready-to-use non-mammalian, non-bacterial replacement for all applications of trypsin.

    • ✔ More Gentle
    • ✔ Less Toxic
    • ✔ More Efficient
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  • GRS Plasmid Purification Kit
    Transfection Grade

    • ✔ Fast Procedure
    • ✔ Pre-filter included
    • ✔ Transfection Grade DNA
    • ✔ Very low endotoxin levels
    • ✔ Very high yields

    Typical Yield of 1000 μg of transfection grade plasmid DNA

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  • Xpert Taq DNA Polymerase

    A DNA polymerase with enhanced performance, optimized for demanding routine amplifications

    • ✔ High yield and sensitivity
    • ✔ Robust amplification
    • ✔ Amplification of targets up to 10Kb
    • ✔ dNTPs included

    Also available in a convenient mastermix format

  • Auto Induction Media

    • ✔ No Cell density monitoring needed
    • ✔ Automatic induction of protein expression

    Standard Culture Media & Media Components also available

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