Our Mission

Located in Porto, Portugal, since 2008, GRiSP Research Solutions empowers Life Science Research by supplying researchers in the growing fields of molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry and genetics, with high-quality reagents, kits and solutions.

Dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of cutting-edge as well as everyday products, our team is highly motivated to provide these value-added tools at competitive prices, allowing our customers to drive their research to the next level.

At GRiSP, we strive to the perfect combination of performance, service and costs, always keeping you in mind. We believe our catalogue gives you access to a comprehensive range ofproducts for DNA electrophoresis, Nucleic Acid Purification, PCR, qPCR, RNA Research, Molecular Cloning, Protein Research, Cell Biology and related areas, which meets your needs to achieve excellent results.

Find out more about GRiSP by navigating our website or ask your local distributor, and do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or suggestions, because your feedback matters!

GRiSP Team