GRS dNTP mix

GRS dNTP Mix is an aqueous solution of equimolar amounts (10mM each) of dATP, dCTP, dGTP, and dTTP at pH 7.0 for direct use in PCR, long PCR, RT-PCR, primer extension, cDNA synthesis, DNA labeling and DNA sequencing.




GRS dNTP Mix is an aqueous solution of equimolar amounts (10mM each) of dATP, dCTP, dGTP, and dTTP at pH 7.0 for direct use in PCR, long PCR, RT-PCR, primer extension, cDNA synthesis, DNA labeling and DNA sequencing.
This product is sold exclusively for research purposes and in vitro use. This product was not tested for use in diagnostics, nor is it suitable for administration to humans or animals.

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1 ml, 5x 1ml


Free of DNAses, RNAses, and
Nucleic Acids. Purity >99%.

store at -20ºC or -70ºC


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Reference Description Quantity
GP010.0001 GRS dNTP mix 10mM each 1ml
GP010.0501 GRS dNTP mix 10mM each 5x 1ml

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Product: GRS dNTP mix

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How to use GRS dNTP mix:
Quality Control
Purity of at least 99% was confirmed by HPLC with the following result: dATP 99.2%; dCTP 99.0%, dGTP 99.0%, dTTP 99.4%. Absence of exo- and endodeoxyribonucleases, and phosphatase contaminants was ascertained by the LO test and this product passed the ribonuclease assay for the detection of RNAse contaminants, using [3H]-RNA as a substrate. Concentration was confirmed by spectroscopy, and this product was functionally tested by PCR amplification of a 1000bp fragment from 2ng of genomic DNA with both normal and high-fidelity DNA polymerases.