SDS Solution

(SDS solutions, 10% or 20%)



Ready-to-Use SDS solutions are aqueous solutions of ultrapure sodium dodecyl sulfate, prepared with ultrapure water, 0.2 μm filtered, and suitable for usage in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of protein, disruption of cell walls, and dissociation of nucleic acid?protein complexes.

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(1L 10%) 1L, (1L 20%) 1L


SDS solutions are stable for up to one year at room temperature.

At lower temperatures (below 20ºC), SDS tends to precipitate and the appearance of the solution becomes whitish instead of colourless. If this happens, simply heat up the solution slowly (e.g. 30ºC- 40ºC using a water bath) until the solution becomes clear.


Download Product Info Datasheet – SDS 20%

Download Product Info Datasheet – SDS 10%

Download MSDS GB14 SDS (20%) v7E502

Download MSDS GB14 SDS (10%) v7E502

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Reference Description Quantity
GB14.0110 SDS Solutions (1L 10%) 1L
GB14.0120 SDS Solutions (1L 20%) 1L

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Product: SDS Solution

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How to use SDS Solution:
Ready?to?Use SDS solutions eliminate the hazard of handling powdered SDS, however, good laboratory practices are to be used. Always work in a well ventilated area (e.g. a fume hood) and wear protective clothing and goggles. Maybe harmful in contact with skin and if swallowed. May cause skin and serious eye irritation. After contact with skin or eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water. If you feel unwell, seek medical advice (show label where possible). Empty containers must be disposed of as hazardous waste.