SGTB Agarose Electrophoresis Buffer

SGTB is a NEW buffer ideal for Agarose Electrophoresis of DNA fragments of 100bp to 1000bp

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Time Saving

SGTB allows much FASTER RUNS
Unlike TAE and TBE gels, which tolerate only about 110V, the low-conductance electrophoretic buffer SGTB, allows for the application of high voltage 200-300V without generating a lot of heat, so your gel won´t melt.

High Resolution
DNA agarose gel electrophoresis using SGTB results in very sharp bands. Faster Runs result in less fuzzy bands.

Better Separation
Using SGTB results in larger differences in relative mobility (Rf), especially between smaller DNA fragments.

Stronger and Clearer
Gels made with SGTB are also CLEARER, increasing detection sensitivity; and STRONGER, making them excelent for blotting.

IF you already get the separation you need with TBE/TAE, you can get the same resolution with SGTB using less agarose. With SGTB you save TIME and MONEY!


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GB01.0120 SGTB Electrophoresis Buffer 1L 20X
GB01.0520 SGTB Electrophoresis Buffer 5L 20X