Strip-It Buffer

Advansta’s Western Blot Strip-It Buffer uniformly removes antibodies from developed Western blots so the blot can be reprobed with another set of antibodies.

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Fluorescent stain for gels and blots

AdvanStain Scarlet is a fluorescent stain for gels and blots that allows sensitive and quantitative visualization of proteins. Gels and blots stained with AdvanStain Scarlet can be imaged on any fluorescence imaging system, including laser- and CCD-based systems, with a detection limit of less than 1 ng of protein per band or spot. Fully compatible with downstream Western blotting or mass spectrometry, AdvanStain Scarlet is non-toxic and biodegradable, for safe and simple disposal.


  • Conserve valuable sample – probe the same blot multiple times
  • Fast protocol – blot stripped and ready for re-probing in 25 minutes
  • Gentle protocol – antibodies removed without harsh reagents or elevated temperatures
  • Save time – no need to re-run gels and perform duplicate blots

Conserve your precious sample by reprobing one blot multiple times instead of running duplicate blots. Advansta’s Western Blot Strip-It Buffer provides uniform stripping so you can obtain high-quality, qualitative data with multiple probes of the same blot.


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R-03722-D50 Western Blot Strip-It Buffer-500m 500ml