TBS (10X) Sterile

Tris Based Saline (10x concentrated)

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TBS (10X) is an aqueous solution of Tris and Sodium Chloride, prepared with ultrapure water, and sterilized. TBS is commonly used as a pH buffer for Western Blot and ELISA procedures as it enables washing without disrupting antibody-antigen binding.

The working concentration is 1X. Prepare 1L TBS Buffer (1X) by mixing 100ml of the 10x concentrated buffer with 900ml of ddH2O sterilize by filtering the solution through a 0.2 µm filter into a sterile flask. A 1X TBS buffer consists of 20mM Tris and 150mM NaCl and has a final pH of 7.4±0.2 (25ºC). It may need slight pH adjustments depending on the application.

IF other pH is desired, please request a quotation.


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GS13.0110 TBS (10X) pH (Sterile) 1L