Xpert qDetect Vibrio spp.

For the detection of Vibrio spp. (V. cholerae and V. parahaemolyticus) in food samples, as little as 1-10 cells per 25g of food sample can be detected with a specificity of 100%.

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The genus Vibrio consists of a large number of species of motile Gram-negative bacteria that are commonly found in salt water environments. Several species are a major cause of human foodborne illness worldwide. Human infections with these facultative anaerobic pathogens are associated with the consumption of undercooked seafood and contaminated drinking water.

V. cholerae and V. parahaemolyticus are two species of particular interest as they can induce clinical syndromes ranging from mild gastroenteritis and vibrosis to life-threatening sepsis and cholera.

Traditional microbiological detection and confirmation methods are long established and well developed but are laborious and typically require 4-5 days in order to obtain results. This qPCR Detection Kit provides a fast, sensitive and reliable method for the detection of V. cholerae and V. parahaemolyticus based on qPCR using specific FAM-labeled probes, requiring less than 2 days. This immense time reduction allows taking appropriate action, if needed, much sooner.

This kit is compatible with instruments equipped with FAM and ROX channels. The detection limit is approximately 500fg of Vibrio DNA allowing the detection of, after enrichment, as little as 1-10 cells per 25 gram of diluted food or feed samples, with a specificity of 100%.


Fast, Easy and Reliable
Low limit of Detection
Validated according to ISO 22118:2011
100% Specificity
Compatible with instruments equipped with FAM and ROX channels


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GDK04.0100 Xpert qDetect Vibrio spp. 50 rxns each