Yeast Extract

Yeast Extract is the dehydrated water-soluble fraction of autolyzed Saccharmomyces cerevisiae

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Yeast Extract is the dehydrated water-soluble fraction of autolyzed Saccharmomyces cerevisiae. It is widely used as a supplement for microbiological culture media, as it is rich in vitamins, amino acids and other growth factors and as such serves as an excellent nutrient.


Quantity: 500g
Appearance: Clear beige powder.
Storage: 2ºC – 25ºC. When not in use, keep container closed to avoid hydration.

Typical composition of aminoacids (g/100g)
Alanine: 8,70
Arginine: 5,00
Aspartic Acid: 9,70
Cystine: 0,80
Glutamic acid: 16,10
Glycine: 4,90
Histidine: 2,00
Isoleucine: 5,60
Leucine: 7,60
Lysine: 8,00
Methionine: 1,30
Phenylalanine: 3,80
Proline: 4,00
Serine: 4,70
Threonine: 4,40
Tryptophan: 1,20
Tyrosine: 2,30
Valine: 5,80

Chemical Characteristics:
Amino Nitrogen: typical: 5,4% (min: 4,5%)
Total Nitrogen: typical: 10,7% (min:10,0%)
Loss on drying: typical: 3,30% (max 5,0%)
Ash content: typical: 9,5% (max 15,0%)
Calcium: typical: 0.10%
Magnesium: typical: 0,10%
Potassium: typical: 5,70%
Sodium: typical: 0,30%
pH (2%) typical: 6,8 (range: 6,6±0,6)


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